The Detriments of Procrastination: Signs to NOT avoid Visiting your Reno Doctor

Everyone deals with an upset stomach or headache from time to time–it’s part of the human experience. However, these minor conditions can also be signs of something more serious. Distinguishing between what is normal and what is abnormal is often tricky, but it can also save your life. Here are three common signs that can have uncommon causes that require a visit with your Reno doctor.


There are headaches, but then there are HEADACHES! Those that are more severe than anything you have ever experienced, especially when accompanied with a fever, require medical attention. If this is something you experience, we strongly encourage you to visit your Reno doctor (or even go straight to the emergency room). Aneurysms and meningitis often start out this way and they both require immediate medical attention. These are no small headaches–they’re crippling tremors shaking through your head.

Sudden Weight Loss
Losing weight can seem like a gift, but if you have not made any changes to your diet and have not started an exercise routine, this could be a bad sign. If you lose 10 or 20 lbs over the course of a month and don’t have a really good explanation, it is time to see your Reno physician. This could be an indicator of any number of issues and we recommend getting blood work as soon as possible. At the Center for Health, we allow you to have your blood drawn conveniently right here in our Reno doctors office.

Stomach Ache
Eating something that has seen its better days can upset your stomach. So can spicy food, dairy and a number of other edibles. This is common, but there are times when it can be more serious. If you have a stomach ache that starts near the belly button and moves to the lower left side, it could be appendicitis, which requires an immediate trip to the emergency room.

There is no need to go see you Reno doctor for every headache or stomachache that you experience. Nor is there any reason to panic each time you find yourself in discomfort. However, it is important to take your health seriously and pay attention to the signals your body is sending. If one of these symptoms present themselves in a manner that seems extreme, take the easy trip to see your primary Reno physician.

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