How To Protect Yourself Near The End Of Flu Season

Best-Reno-DoctorsYou may have won the battle, but the war is not quite over for the year. Historically, flu season has ended during the final days of March. However, the 2013-2014 flu season has not been one to play by the rules, and don’t expect it to start anytime soon. The CDC expects this year’s flu season to remain active through May; therefore, we at the Center for Health Internal Medicine have a few recommendations from our downtown Reno doctors office to ensure your well-being during the final grasps of flu season.

If you are one of the many unfortunate individuals who have come down with flu-related symptoms, our first tip is to STAY HOME. Although missing a busy workday or a review session for an upcoming midterm may seem worse than being sick, your coworkers and classmates will thank you (hopefully by staying home next time they are sick). It’s vitally important to reduce the contagion rate during the flu season, and the more people you are in contact with while sick, the higher your chances of getting others sick and prolonging the flu season for everyone. Just like your mom always told you, get some rest, drink plenty of water, and take a few days off instead of going and going while feeling under the weather.

One of the main reasons that flu season exists in the first place is because cold weather causes us to stay indoors and limits our physical activity. So, as spring approaches, be proactive and take advantage of warming temperatures and get outside, get active and get healthy. Exercising is well known for strengthening the immune system, and vitamins that we receive from sunlight are pinnacle to fighting germs and staying healthy. Get a head start on your summer tan and catch a few rays while staying active outside (but always wear sunscreen).

Spring can be a stressful and especially busy time of year for many individuals. Whether second-quarter performance crunches, tax season or midterms are upon you, take time for yourself to ensure that you’re eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water and receiving adequate rest. All of these factors can greatly reduce your chances of catching the flu, and spreading it to others.

Flu season has come but it has not yet gone, and following these tips can decrease your chances of catching the nasty flu bug. Should you have any questions about symptoms you or your loved ones are experiencing, feel free to contact us at our doctors office in downtown Reno today.


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