Prescribing Patient Portal

reno doctor patient portalAs healthcare providers in Reno, Center for Health is now offering an advanced Patient Portal. Our Patient Portal is personalized for our patients and each is able to request an individual login and password to obtain access through the website login linked here. This Patient Portal is a convenient tool which allows all of our patients the ability to access their medical records or to communicate with their healthcare provider at any time of the day, any time of the year–regardless of whether we are in the office or not.

With the Patient Portal, patients will no longer need to call to make or change appointments. By logging into your portal, you will have the ability to adjust or schedule an appointment 24/7, ensuring the appointment-making process is as convenient as possible. If you are unable to call, or if the office is closed, the Patient Portal guarantees you will still have a way to cancel or change your appointment at any time. Not to mention, if there is an immediate need, you will be able to make an appointment instantly.

Patients will also have constant access to medical charts and lab reports, eliminating any waiting period that previously accompanied requesting these forms. Because our patients will have easy access, there will also no longer be any mystery about your medical records. This is also helpful if you ever find yourself facing a medical difficulty while you are out of town. With the Patient Portal, you will be able to show any necessary medical reports the situation might call for no matter where you are.

In addition, with the Patient Portal, patients will be able to request refills of their prescriptions, making refills now only a few clicks away. This allows you to stay on top of your prescriptions as well as your treatments. The Patient Portal removes waiting and offers our valued patients a more efficient experience.

Center for Health, a specialized Reno health clinic, encourages all of our patients to take advantage of this resource. To obtain your personal login, simply give us a call. Having access to your patient portal makes sure you to have important records, appointments and prescription refills … all at your fingertips.


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